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Edit: Please disregard my problem below. Not too long after I posted it, I was overtaken by a serious case of overkill. I went back into the game and clicked on every hotspot about 50 times and really throttled poor David. I think he almost ran into himself a couple of times.

After several minutes of this frenzied clicking, the cutscene I was beginning to think I'd never see suddenly started playing. I don't know what I hit to trigger it, but it doesn't matter. I'm finally unstuck. What a flippin' relief.

I'll have to remember this method the next time I get stuck on something before I bother anyone else with it. Thanks, all. :)

BTW, I'm not sure how to get this into "solved" status, or if such a thing is possible by an OP. So I guess I'll just have to leave it where it is. Sorry!

I'd been enjoying this game when I hit a really bad snag this afternoon. I'm unable to progress past 96% in Chapter 3. I've even gone back and used a w/t to play through the entire chapter again, following everything to the letter and in the same order as written. I ended up stuck at the same point.


Since then, I've repeated things I've already done such as watching Styles' tapes and reading his articles over and over, repeatedly looking in every mirror I can find and talking to Mrs. Dalton about a million times. I've gone outside and wandered around, gone into and out of the garage, listened to Styles complain about Sam's bike and say he never goes anywhere in his car. I've wandered all over the inside of the house, going from one room to another hoping to find what I seem to be lacking in order to progress to Chapter 4. I continue to come up empty.

*End Spoilers*

This sort of reminds me of Agatha Christie's Evil Under the Sun (although the problem I've hit in Gray Matter isn't nearly as bad). About halfway through the Agatha game, all characters except Hercule Poirot completely vanished leaving him in the game all by himself (talk about feeling as though I'd lost my marbles...). I never did get the characters back, but I discovered that others were having the same problem and a savegame came to the rescue.

Anyway, I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out of this 96% jam-up in Gray Matter. I'm fresh out of ideas. Thanks!
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