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For context: I ran on 1.030 for a long time after 1.032 was released. Although my GOG Galaxy settings had automatic updates on and even said 1.032 was installed, the game startup menu still read 1.030. I never experienced the reported game-breaking reputation deadlocks with the questlines, nor did I have the other bugs 1.032 was supposed to fix, so I assumed the newest version was indeed operational and that the start menu's text was just a cosmetic oversight.

Now as 1.033 was released I decided to force the issue, in part because I noticed that the last cloud save sync had supposedly been performed almost three weeks ago. And now everything's broken.

The game displayed the LazyBear and TinyBuild logos on startup, after which it goes black and nothing happens regardless of how long I wait. A look into the file directories showed a full complement of duplicate files; the main folder path of C/GOG Games/Graveyard Keeper contains what looks to a casual eye like all the necessary files, except there is ALSO a C/GOG Games/Graveyard Keeper/Graveyard Keeper folder with all those same files.

So how the hell do I fix any of this? I've never seen a folder for save files so I don't even know how to backup my games in case I have to do a full uninstall-reinstall shebang.