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Just posting here to say thank you to the devs for releasing the recent patches here on GOG. I'm looking forward to trying them out later tonignt!

I found the changelogs on Steams storepage if anyone is interested for this or future patches.
Yeah, I didnt expect two patches in one day, thanks a lot for that :)
although I must consider, steam is on version 1.023 now, and gog is still on 1.022?
I hope we get the patch here soon as well :)
Hope so, since the new patch has some major changes, which I would really appreciate having in the GOG version, too.

Ver. 1.023:

Fast traveling! You can buy a teleport stone from the Tavern Keeper.
Made days much longer (9 minutes now).
Tools efficiency increased.
Ability to break old gravestones and fences to get resources.
Ability to craft a bucket of blood.
Fixed silver parts requirement.
Fixed fish kebab cooking recipies.
Increased iron ore drops and made stone infinite.
Fixed some issues in Korean / Japanese / Chinese
Isolated a bug related Turkish date format (a complete fix is coming later)
I believe game updates tend to be a day or two behind steam. At least thats what i've observed in most cases.
Hopefully the patch support is better than for punch club here on gog!
The Windows version gets patched very fast. Mac and Linux not. Now they are two versions behind. On Mac a fullscreen mode (a very basic thing) is still missing.
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I'm glad the stone is now infinite because the quarry guy in town restocks too damn slow plus the progress on trading seems to be stuck, only wish the patch would have respawned the stone pile up in the north west. Mine's depleted and bringing slabs home from other points have been slow and tedious.
Looks like all OS are at 1.025, glad to see the patches coming in a timely manner. Hope the devs will keep it up!
How far has it come, that we have to thank a developer for patch support?! As if it would be an extra service?! It's their damn duty, or otherwise we would claim our money back...

... it's good to see, that the patches drop in almost daily... it would be even better, if we finally get any other punch club patch beyond 1.3 instead of being left with the buggy dark fist 1.1. ...

Patch support in early days, when the sales are highest, just makes sense ... wait for the time after like in a month or so...
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We don't have to do anything. When the checkout person in the supermarket hands you your change you say "thanks" as well, even though it's not only their job, it'd be illegal and perhaps even criminal to fail to do so ;)

And whilst I find it disgusting that they havent updated the other game, they seem to be doing well so far on this one. Let's see how things go in the future ;)
Well, 1.029 hasn't come to GOG yet, has it.
franksterboogie: Well, 1.029 hasn't come to GOG yet, has it.
Neither is 1.030, but this is bound to happen: the difference between GOG and Steam is that GOG does a certification process before the patch goes live.

BTW, this saved us from the inventory scrolling bug that steam player actually experienced.
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