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I bought this game because Stardew Valley is way too stressful for me - especially late game.

First 10ish days, loved it. Today, something changed. Dunno if it's just bad RNG or a patch but all of a sudden, the stupid donkey holds me from getting ANYTHING DONE.

Collecting some bees to get your bee hive running? Bell rings, get down here and take care of this body.
Talking to the astrologer? Bell rings.
Going to town? Bell rings.
Vineyard, garden, graveyard, dungeon? Bell, bell, bell.

And the problem is that the whole morgue part is probably the most boring, repetitive and stupid aspect of the game imho. It's not fun, it doesn't lead anywhere, it's the same every day. And unlike other parts of the game you dont like: you can't ignore it.

So here are the 3 mayor flaws right now imho:

1. Donkey comes when you're busy with other things and you basically gotta leave everything and run for the body.
2. The wood logs and stone pieces that are too big for the inventory? No. Devs gotta come up with something here. This is probably the most hated "feature" right now.
3. Iron ore scarce and won't respawn? I hate the game for making me google a solution to this now. I never do that because it's lame and destroys the immersion but I got no choice. No idea where to find any more ore and the game doesn't give any hints either.

Apart from this, love it. XD Thanks. <3
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1. Don't overfill the carrot crate. If it's empty the Donkey won't turn up, so just put in 10 at a time and take a break whenever you've got better things to do.

Unfortunately if it's already overflowing there's no way to empty it. If that happens just try to focus on cremating everything asap and ignore the body parts.

2. The 'big' pieces are renewable, so they're balanced by the inability to fill your pockets. Wood respawns right next to your house if you dig up the stumps.

As you open up areas of the map you'll gain easy access to other building sites that you can use to refine them into something more portable.

3. Little iron veins don't respawn iirc. Aim to unlock the top-left of the map ( fix the western bridge then go north ) and you'll find a renewable vein .
+1 for everything Vic6 said, with an extra: upper left map corner will have infinite veins OF BIG BLOCKS, so you'll need to build a stonecutter and/or a furnace to process materials. Be sure to bring flitches and nails with you.
I'd also like to build wood processing structure, but the game won't allow me to. Pity.

As the infamous corpses swarm: I was overflowing with 200+ carrots too, before the patch made the donkey came once a day. It was like zombie apocalypse.

Stiff up your lips, and get the job done. Researching the freezer pallet (jobs on that pallet won't decay) and minimizing the morgue open slots (donkey won't deliver any corpse if it can't fit your morgue) helped me immensely: morgue had only freezer pallet and autopsy table for a long time, all filled with bodies,I destroyed other pallets immediately and added embalming table 2 only after a while. When the donkey deliver its third corpse it won't come over anymore, until I buried the corpses I already have.

In the meantime you can go doing everything during the day, just pass down the morgue once a day to put the corpse on the freezer pallet, and you're set. Also, I noticed that donkey often came at dusk, so I try to be in reach of my home when the sun goes down... Which is pretty easy with a teleport stone ;-)
Thanks you two for the input! :)

1. More or less what you said, ErPanfi. So there was a patch that changed the frequency? This week? I couldnt find anything about that in the patch notes but still felt like something had changed.
Dunno if I should find it comforting or sad that you're both basically agreeing with me on this part of the game being a problem right now. Both 'dont have carrots' and 'dont have room for bodies' seem like counterintuitive measures to play around the real problem (the frequency, probably). We shouldn't get punished for playing well.

2. Good point on the big stone blocks being renewable. That only applies to stone, though, since there is no alternative to wood logs. Either way, I don't think that people pushing around dozens of logs or blocks with their body to somehow get them home is a good design choice in regards to both fun and immersion.

3. I got the entire map unlocked as far as I know, including the 2 coal veins and the marble quarry in the north. Didn't see any ore though during any of my visits there. Weird.
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It's definitely a game that's rough around the edges.

The renewable iron is just left of the marble quarry, so it's not a long haul to where you can build a furnace.

Wood is easier than stone. Assuming that you dig up the stumps after cutting them down the saplings grow back after a few days, and then full trees shortly afterwards.

I've seen a few guides mention that you can run out of resources ( forcing you to buy them ), so it might be something that was patched in later.

All the big resources are a bit of a pain, but it's generally manageable. If the devs ever add a wheelbarrow or the ability toto bribe comrade-donkey into hauling stuff it would certainly help.

Personally, I'm holding out for them to go full 'the lottery' on the townsfolk though....
TheRealSkythe: 3. I got the entire map unlocked as far as I know, including the 2 coal veins and the marble quarry in the north. Didn't see any ore though during any of my visits there. Weird.
It's by the marble quarry. It's to the left of the stone/marble areas. You probably missed it because it's color is pretty close to the same as the cliff color. I go up there once in a while and grind out a stack or two of iron and that sets more for quite a while.

I actually like that they put that area there. You can build a small base to process, it's got a bed, and everything you need to mine is right there. It's the least grindy grind of the game it seems. :)
Yeah, found it by now. :) Didnt want to google or read your hints before that.

I agree. The upper left basecamp is a nice idea and something that sets GK apart from Stardew Valley. (I was actually shocked at how closely the dungeon part resembles SDV :D The way the doors up/down work, the choose-a-level-panel, ...)

Not sure if devs changed the corpse frequency in the meantime but the donkey stopped its visits altogether after I stopped putting in carrots. Before, he came, rang the bell, and waited for me to pay him before dropping the body and leaving.

Vic6 not sure what you mean by that last sentence. :O Townsfolk? Lottery?
"Lottery in June, Corn be heavy soon" - Old Man Warner

The Lottery is a short story from 1948 by Shirley Jackson. There's also a pretty decent 1969 short film if you're not fond of reading. You've probably run into a pop-culture reference ( Simpsons, Southpark, MST3K, etc ) even if you haven't encountered it directly.

I'm not going to link to the wikipedia page because it's worth tracking it down instead of reading an online synopsis. It's kind of a usual suspects \ Citizen kane thing.

There's no spoiler tags on GOG, so I'll leave it at that.
I totally agree with you on the big block resources (logs, stone blocks, etc.) being a pain in the arse. I also have the same idea that Vic6 has. Why not gives a cart/wheelbarrow we can make to go on resource hauls or give us the ability to hire donkey for the day. Even better yet, when our farms get to a certain point, let us add donkey to our homes for a modest carrot salary per day and then we have his cart to use when we need it. This will also solve his carrot problem in that he gets a fair wage for all that he does for us. :)