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I noticed that, when I want to fish in a spot the different fishing poles give different percentages. In a spot where the best fishing pole gives for a wish 0% chance, the starting pole give 100%, with the same baits.
Is this intentional or accidental?
I tried it with version 1.027 in the swamp, but in older versions I tried the pond at the fort entrance, the see and the waterfall. I used only the starting fishing pole and the 100% pole, using maggots, butterfly, moth and silver lure baits.

Also, in older version with the lighthouse keeper trader I had max reputation when I gave them the maggots he asked for.
I use this thread to report another bug I just bumped into: I tried to fish without a fishing rod in inventory. The characters pops up a baloon to notify you've no rod in inventory... But the UI has already vanished. So the character won't try to fish, but also won't move or interact anymore.