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Ulf2016: Version 1.401 (Do., 28. Oktober 2021 - 15:37 CEST)
Super quick fixes, fresh from the oven:

1. Walls are back! No more deep dark void of nothingness, you are safe, Keepers.
2. Added some changes in localization.
3. Minor fixes here and there.

We are aware of issues on MacOS and problems with other DLC and are currently working on fixing them too.

Thank you for your reports and patience!

Lazy Bear Games.

Version 1.402 (Fr., 29. Oktober 2021 - 14:17 CEST)
Good news, everyone:

1. No more game freezes after sleep.
2. Miss Chain is back and ready to talk about the statuette.
3. Position of the Keeper is now considered while placing objects in the world.
4. Added some changes in localization.
5. Minor fixes.

Thank you for your support and feedback!

Lazy Bear Games.
? Dude Gogs version is still 1.400
Unfortunately, GOG gamers are second class gamers. :-(

Announced DLC didn't arrive on time either.
Ulf2016: Unfortunately, GOG gamers are second class gamers. :-(

Announced DLC didn't arrive on time either.
The really annoying thing is that for some publishers we get the updates on time, and for some we get ignored. It means we expect to get the patches because we often do...and then we often don't.
Awaiting the 1.402 patch.. the sleep freeze bug is really annoying..
Dear GOG, please do hasten on getting the update out...
Offline installer has been online since yesterday. :-) Thanks GOG.
Version 1.403 (Mi., 10. November 2021 - 16:21 CET)

What this update will bring to you? We are glad that you’ve asked! Check it out:
1. We fixed the prioritization of resources for crafting. Now they will be taken directly from Keeper’s inventory instead of bags or trunks or shelves, etc.
2. Snake and Garry are back on track and ready to talk to you. Sleep safely, the game shouldn’t freeze anymore.
3. Fixed some issues that occurred after extracting souls.
4. Updated interface for Remote Craft Control. Everything should look and run smoothly now.
5. Your inventory won’t scroll down if you open it while walking upwards.
6. Polished the display of some icons and text in the Technology Tree and crafts.
7. Updated interface for skullbars of graves, bodies, and zombies. No more skulls out of borders, everything is in place.
8. Added some changes in localization.
9. Even more minor fixes.

For DLC Better Save Soul:
1. We added new Grave Markers and Grave Fences! Bury bodies with even more style. And don't blink! Just joking, you're a Keeper, you're safe.

Thank you for your constant support and feedback!

Lazy Bear Games.
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Where's the update for GOG?
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Version 1.404
Do., 18. November 2021 - 11:18 CET

How do you do, fellow Keepers?

1. We talked to parishioners, they will behave well now. No more creepy-standing in the church after a sermon.
2. Don’t be afraid to deconstruct bookshelves - all the stored items will be safe and sound (and fall on the floor, but still).
3. Fixed “Axeman” perk - now it affects the number of wood wedges you can get.
4. NPC’s will now do everything as planned and talk to Keeper as planned, and won’t just stay in their houses or on the streets. We arranged a quick briefing and they told us it was just quick little lunacy, and it won’t happen again.
5. Added some changes in localization.
6. Minor fixes here and there.

Thank you for your support and all the love for our game!

- Lazy Bear Games.

GOG: Version 1.402
GOG: Version 1.404