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I have just finished the game on normal mode.
I played it a long time ago on my PS2.
some comments:

The game froze several times. I had to use alt+tab to go to the desktop to stop the game because I could not open the task manager. It happened always during combat. Once it happened after a very long cut scene (very annoying) and it happened also in the final battle

It happened at least 2 times that the background music changed into a strange noise that made your ears bleed. Entering combat (= different background music) solved the problem.

The game was very easy on normal mode. I never need to use buffs or debuffs, lots of damage and sometimes a bit healing in a few boss fights were enough.

There were some graphic bugs. Sometimes the action bar or the heads on the action bar looked wrong. (action bar = the thing that shows you who acts in what order in combat.)

What the hell does IP mean? It must have something to do with the action bar. I understood all other explanations of what items or spells do.

I was very happy when I saw that Grandia2 is released again. I hoped that the special thing about the new edition is, that it also includes Grandia1. I think I liked G1 more than G2. G1 with the AoE indicators of G2 in combat would be perfect.

The optional areas in G1 (castle and tower) were much better than in G2. Those are the only RPGs I know where a text pops up saying that this is an optional area.