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I got to try version 1.04 before my refund went through. I no longer have access to the game, and therefore, won't know if this is fixed in the future. I'm asking that Gung Ho PLEASE implement proper xinput support in Grandia II Anniversary Edition. I'm going to explain, for those who want to keep reading, the difference between DirectInput and xinput, and how proper xinput should work. I'm also going to point out the telltale signs that GH has NOT implemented proper xinput support.

Up to and including DirectX 8 we used DirectInput for gamepad support. With DirectX 9, MS added xinput. DirectInput is far more powerful (supports more axis, more buttons, more customization). However, xinput featured something that DirectInput couldn't - simplicity and consistency.

I'm going to use two examples here, and yes, I know that not everyone here owns either or both of these games; 1) Need for Speed Most Wanted (NFSMW), and 2) Batman: Arkham Asylum.

In NFSMW, you enter the game with your keyboard, you go to settings, you select controls, and then you tell it to switch from keyboard to your designated controller. You then configure that controller. This is how DirectInput works.

In Arkham Asylum, you open the game. It tells you to hit start, so you hit start. You're playing the game. When it's telling you how to perform moves the game is showing you the exact button to hit (yellow Y button, green A button, etc.). This is how xinput works, whether you're using an X360 controller, X-One controller, Logitech F310/710, Razer Sabertooth, or any number of compatible devices.

So, how do you recognize improper or nonexistent xinput support?
1) Does the game ask you to specify your controller? If yes, you're not using xinput (or not using it properly).
2) Does the game fail to work properly with a known working xinput controller? If yes, you're not using xinput (or not using it properly).

Conclusion: xinput is not implemented properly in the current (1.04 version, as of this post) version of Grandia II Anniversary edition. This was acceptable in 2005. Not in 2015. Please implement proper xinput support.

Looking forward to repurchasing this game when the game's many issues are mostly resolved, and I don't have to buy a new gamepad or use 3rd party software to get the game to work.