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Not a mod, actually. Save file. Not a hex-edited even.
It's from a "debug version" of the game. It can be useful if you know this game already and want something new.

With this save you can start the game with Millennia and Roan in your party.
It's look a bit funny.
Don't know what will happen when "debug" Millennia meet "real" Millennia. Not tested.

How to use:
Put "GRANDIA2_010.VMS" save to ".\Grandia II Anniversary Edition\data\saves\"
Load game from slot 11. "FOCTNHNQA" it will be named, I belive.

"GRANDIA2_002.VMS" it's a more late save ("after talking to Elena"). Load from slot 03.
Saves are Dreamcast-compatible. Screenshot are taken from Russian translation, but the save file will work everywhere, for sure.

link to archive with .VMS save :
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