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Hi Forum,
Now I've heard the PC release of the original Grandia II had lots of issues with slow downs and game crashes.
For some reason this release seems to have the exact same issues, I experience a lot of slow downs and other issues.
However during the first boss battle the game just gets stuck when your main character has a death head next to his picture after the fourth attack of that red headed chick.
I made a screenshot and attached it to this post, can anyone tell me if I have to do something specific to let the game continue or if this is just a game breaking bug that for some reason the developers didnt give a crap about testing the game before selling it full price... this is rather annoying.
Thanks in advance for any help, if this is a bug I'm not really fancying a refund but a fix and yes I've applied the latest update...
How can they screw things up like this >_<
Actually I found some workaround myself. With the latest update came the 60FPS battles option which breaks the game for me. I deactivated that and suddenly the battles didnt have any slowdowns anymore (shouldnt 60FPS mean it is supposed to look more fluent? I have a pretty decend machine here...).
Anyway after deactivating this new option the game seems to work and I managed to get past the scripted boss battle there...