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Is it because it isn't? It's not comfortable to buy it without that.
Craig234: Is it because it isn't? It's not comfortable to buy it without that.
G1 is compatible with win7. You just need actually graphic drivers
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GOG list a game as compatible once they have re-tested it on that OS and are sure it is working as intended. Many games haven't been checked yet. It's still better than other digital distribution services which don't do this at all.

I had no problems running Gothic (and Gothic II) on Windows 7. There was a problem way back in 2010 with Nvidia video card drivers but that was fixed that same year and any driver since then doesn't have that problem. I don't know of any other problems with running it on Windows 7.
Thanks for the info. Would be nice if they tested games for sale on current OS's more consistently.

Like going to a garage and being told 'buy this part but we're not sure if it fits your car'.
Gothic 1 runs but it flashes and filckers now and then under Windows 7 :(

Then I noticed no Windows 7 compatibility, that will teach me to look more carefully next time.

Just have to wait for a working wineskin that works with the GOG version.
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Feel like such a dunce, bought Gothic because I didn't feel like fiddling around to get my CD to work on Win 7.
When I see an old game I like, always forget to check.

But it's working - Win 7 64 bit . Thanks GOG:)
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