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Hello fellow Players!
I know there are several guides and how-to´s - but either they are outdated, plain misleading or they are not easy to understand. After a lot of trying (and a lot of failing), I now am happy to sum up all my findings to let you enjoy Gothic 1 on a Win10 64bit rig, widescreen support and fps unlock. I should know it works because i played through the game at 2560*1080 on a 290X in Nov. 2017.

How to do it?

1) A clean install of GOG Gothic 1 (which is already patched to v1.08k) . Please make very shure it is a clean install; if you have tried to play and /or mod Gothic 1 before, there will be data left even after a uninstall. So double check it manually.

2) Install the "player kit"

3) Download and install the [url=https://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/threads/1340357-Release-Gothic-%C2%BD-%C2%97-SystemPack-(ENG-DEU)]"system pack"[/url] . Scroll down for download link. I did not install the aditional playerkit v2.8 mentioned on that page; so it seems not to be essential. If you want to install the Kit v2.8, make shure you do it BEFORE installing the system pack.

4) Download and install the DX11 3D3-renderer. It takes the graphics to a almost "up to date" level. Here is the link of the corresponding World of Gothic forum thread WoG D3D11 Forum and since it is hard to find on that page, the link to the actual download of the newest renderer for Gothic1 [url=]https://github.com/ataulien/GD3D11/blob/master/PreviewBuilds/GD3D11_PreviewReleaseG1.zip[/url] .
X17.5 is the newest version, runs without problems.

Start the game once and edit the game options to your liking (aka max out everything). It will fail to save your graphics resolutions, though. So exit the game again an look for the gothic.ini in your ../Gothic/system/ folder.
To make the most out of your game, search and edit the file with a normal text editor as follows:




(IF you have a widescreen monitor - you should of course enter the max resolution of YOUR monitor there)

With this, I was able to play through the game quite nicely. Compared to vanilla Gothic, the game looks nicer, plays WAY smoother and does not crash at all. Please install the mods/patches in the order mentioned above.

NO need for extra "FPS Fix" or widescreen fix - they will most likely corrupt your gamefiles since they are already implemented.

So, just enjoy the best Gothic 1 there is.
Thanks Have you got one for Gothic 2 gold. I did it almost exactly like this is. The only complaint I have is the cut scenes are very small. I did not do the DX part.
What does the system pack do exactly that GoG's version of Gothic doesn't already do?

I wouldn't care, but the system pack seems to cause a problem for me, or at least makes it much more frequent:

I press Action+Forward to attack once, and my character attacks. Then I switch to Action+Back, to block - but instead of blocking, my character keeps attacking like a maniac. So this gets me killed easily.

I tested this with gog's version and the retail version and in both cases, after installing systempack I have this problem a LOT more often.
MarkusRamikin: What does the system pack do exactly that GoG's version of Gothic doesn't already do?
Well, on the page I linked where you download the system pack, there is a list of changes.. you could read that, if you want...

Concearning your "locked" attack button.. I experienced that, too, but it totally went away with the new DX11 renderer. I think it may have to do with the old engine and to many buttons pressed at once, but i may be wrong.
Weird. I've used the DX11 renderer and it didn't help this at all.
I have a 4K 3840x2160 monitor with a computer running AMD Radeon RX 580 series graphics, will that make a difference?
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