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I've played through the normal version of Gorogoa twice. On replaying through the main story line, it really feels like what I am seeing is not the true ending to the game, that there is something else that I am missing which would reveal a true, deeper ending.

I've tried searching the internet, to no avail. I am wondering if anyone has worked out if there is a different ending to this game at all?

I'm not going into too much detail here, as this is the first topic appearing for this game, and I don't want to make it too spoilery. If people need more detail I can provide it, but it is quite likely that any reply will become full of spoilers. Read on at your own risk!
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I also finished the game twice now, but what made me suspicious of a "true" ending wasn't the story per se, but the fact that there are some secret achievements to unlock. Or has anyone already unlocked these? And if so, how?

Oh, and regarding spoilers: I'd love to have some hints about what made you suspicious, just to get started. :)

EDIT: well, I see the hidden achievements have nothing to do with a different ending... but still, it would be fun if we could find one anyway.
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