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ive heard alot of people talk about how the game crashes at the intro and that they have to delete the AVI folder to get it to work by sacrficing Movies.
i dont know if this will work for everybody but im running vista 32bit and i went into the AVI folder and set the default program for running those particular files to VLC media player.
i hope this works for everybody because it is a very good game and i would hate for it to get a bad rap.
so to recap
- keep the AVI folder inside the game directory
- set the default program to run them as VLC media player

hope this works
if this doesnt work try setting it to run in compatability for windows 2000 and set it to run at
640x 480.

i wasnt sure if i had these settings on so i went and checked and i did ^^; sorry for not noticing
hope this helps
Well this almost worked.

It was crashing for me too after the bombing video (laptop; win7 64-bit, radeon HD3200) until I did this, set the asf files to play default with VLC, and set compatibility mode for win2000 (it was set by default for win95) and 640x480;

with these settings the game passed the end of the last video, and went into the intro sequence where the background info is explained - then froze with an echoing sound; it doers it every time now. I have to kill the game from task manager.

(edit) I set the compatibility back to win95, and now the freezing with echoing sound doesn't happen anymore. I have played about 15 minutes and all seems to be working OK now.
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Works well w/ 32bit WinXP SP2. I was take the route of hitting "esc" for any vids.

VLC set as default player and hardware acceleration for sound "off" works. The game plays after game video segment(s) with no crash.

I'll get to this game shortly when another is finished, I just could resist the weekend promo:-)

My guess is that the fix will work throughout the game.