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I have some trubble with the audio in the game, it seems like it plays the voicetrack 3 times just after each other, making it a pain to listen to the conversations.
I tried to tell ffdshow audio to not bother whit gorky17.exe but that had no effect on ingame audio. anyone got some solution?
This question / problem has been solved by Paul_czimage
I can't seem to disable compatibility mode. I changed it and applied the settings. But when I close out and check the properties again, It's set to compatibility mode again. Using winxp sp3.
yup this is old topic but the game is still a good game, too bad it did not age well ......
the biggest issue is the ststststuttttering .......... the audio llllaaagggss and eccchooesss like crazy
which is not very positive for the ear or the brain to listen to for too long.

i use the software mode ( ugly grahics) the lllag seems to be gone
but the graphics look better using the 2nd mode or the mode that specifies your current GPU, problem is the Z - rendering seems to be the characacters are beiing covered by overlapping graphics which maket it look like as if the used layers: back ground foreground and overlay with boats. and other graphics , with html you get the same and thats solved using z-index, seems this old game has same problem and it also seems it is never really fixed.

Anyway i was looking for one topic that shows all games that work 100% with the awfull win 10 cause sooner or later we will have to use that awful piece of spyware because they turn of support and new hardware wont be recognised by win 7, 8 anymore.

So if anyone has a link to a topic that shows which games , old games, like Gorky, jagged alliance and all good games work 100% ( without flaws or extra steps needed to run it) can you place it here ? I only want my old games ( win 98 and up) to run 100%, do not care that much if some new titles ( 2015) dont work, i care about the good old games .

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