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Despite not getting an update notification, I saw that patch 1.09 is here
And 1.10 is here
And 1.0.12
And 1.0.14. The updates are coming fast now
And now 1.0.16

At GOG now we seem to get the even patch numbers
Keep'em coming :)
Is there any way to install the beta (bleeding-edge version)? I cannot wait to play this game with a controller :)
Post edited August 25, 2022 by LiquidProj3ct
The bleeding edge version is unfortunately steam only. I am afraid we will have to wait until those patches are pushed to the steam main branch before GOG will get them
Thanks, patch 1.1 was released 4 days ago in Steam... lets see when it arrives GOG

Beverley from Mixed Realms here. We are experiencing some mild issues on our side and Patch 1.1 for GOG will arrive soon. We apologize for the delay and will let everyone know once it is live.

Thank you for the patience!