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GOG version is still stuck on v97E from SEPTEMBER 18 2020 - we all can appreciate you're a small team and don't want to release all the beta/bleeding edge versions here necessarily, but it's been over four months and you have released the Realms/Progression update on the main branch of Steam.

When can we expect an update please?
Yeah, would be really great if we could get the Realms/Progression Update here too.
Perhaps we should ask in the Steam Forum for the Update for GoG as most of the Developers
don't look into the GoG forums of their games and only in the Steam Forums and/or their Discord.

Also, last september, with the Act 2 Update, i asked in the discord and they answered that it would take a while
till the GoG Act 2 Update would be here.
I think we got the Act 2 update 2-3 Weeks later than steam.
So my best bet would be to ask in the discord. ;)
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Guessing it's this week. Might have been delayed. A couple people asked about it over at Steam, and they said 'next week' on Jan 29.

Oh well...slow updates over here. At least 1.0 will be DRM free lol
aaaaaaaaaaaaand now its here.
Well a little late but at least now we can play with the progression update.^^
And it is updated again (to 107e).

Now we can play the new Golemancer class
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Super excited to see the update installing today, and the fact it's the latest with the Steam release is even better. Golemancer plus the big Strategies & Synergies update all in one is awesome, thanks devs for showing the GOG version some love finally!
And we got the 107f patch. The patches are coming quickly now
1.07k is here
Also 1.07m
And 108c
It seems we are over 2 months behind in updates... still in 108c while the current version should be 110e :(