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I am unable to launch the game. It continues to crash on startup. I am currently running Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 but have experienced the exact same crashes on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.

Interestingly, Mother Russia Bleeds, another game made with Unity, also crashes in the exact same manner... I might be missing some dependencies? Or something? I don't know! Help me!

I've attached a screenshot with my computer info.

Crash report from ~/.config/unity3d/Art in Heart/GoNNER

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After much googling and messing around.

Here's some links on what to do. Mother Russia Bleeds is now working as well -I did not have to force open gl for MRB.

Links found:

Quick fix:
which gdb
chmod +s /usr/bin/gbd <----Doing this allowed the game to at least start up. Not 100% sure as to why.

However, the game stays on a perm black screen. So you have to execute the game with the -force-opengl flag:
./GoNNER.x86_64 -force-opengl

**You can mess with the bash start script to include the opengl flag perm. I haven't figured out how yet.
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