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Changelog for Update 16111501 / GOG-2 (Windows, Linux, Mac) (added 15 November 2016):

- Continue Game option increases incrementally in cost every time this is used.
- Poophead now makes everything poopy.
- More visual effects when running combos.
- Lightning gun has got a pretty major rework.
- Brickhead now has a short droplet time.
- Flamehead now makes you invulnerable to explosions. Has lower health.
- Gunhead now shoots even if you have no gun equipped.
- The shotguns range is a bit lower.
- Lightning gun bullets have a slightly lower range as well.
- "Lamps" are placed in some levels.
- Russian, Chinese, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese added!
- Simple Camera mode added, try it if the camera annoys you sometimes.
- The intro is slightly longer, now explaining the controls. And it's reachable from the menu now!
- The Ball can now sometimes be bought from the Merchant!
- The Scythe has been added and can now also be bought! Somehow.
- The Ankh can now be awarded.
- On top of that there's an enormous amount of optimizations, bug fixes, tweaks, sound effects, and love put in! <3
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Changelog for Christmas Update / GOG-3 (Windows and Mac) / GOG-4 (Linux) (added 23 December 2016):

- The Shotgun got a tune up. It now fires a more concentrated burst of bullets.
- Some various minor visual changes / tune ups.
- Fixed a bug some players experienced where they were dying after beating the game. (sorry!)
- General optimizations to a lot of effects and how particles get generated.