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low rated
Because I thought it wouldn't be released on GOG. Dammit that's so annoying, but well. Can't be helped now.

But is this game worth buying? On GOG, I'd lean towards *yes*. The bitter taste in my mouth after buying it on Steam partly ruined the experience for me, no joke.

*no spoilers*

But I only lean towards yes, because this game is not for everyone. Setting my Steam gripes aside, this game had me hooked from the beginning and I couldn't stop playing it until I had finished it.

That was a good thing. It felt a lot like a modernized version of old-school adventure games, though without any puzzles, just a narrative and objects to investigate and an environment to explore. It has elements from here and there, a little bit of Myst, a little bit of the Stanley paradigm, a little bit of its own thing.

That's all good and well, but the thing to remember is that the game is at the end of the day a narrative. A story, as such it is linear and non-interactive in the sense that you can't affect the story.

And that's why this game isn't for everyone, because the game kind of lives or dies on how you experience the story. How you like the story.

I liked parts of it, it drew me in and held me until the end. It's just when it was all said and done, the credits rolling, I stared in disbelief and thought: "I'll never get those two hours back".

See the game is only about two hours, even if played very slowly. I certainly didn't rush through it, but then, it's just one house you're exploring, so it can't go on for very long - but it seems rather short. And the ending itself is going to win you over to either "wow great game!" or like me "I'll never get those two hours back".

Such is the way of story driven games, they will be polarizing, because they rely completely on how the player experiences and understands the narrative.

While I did not appreciate it as the developer perhaps hoped for, I have to confess that the game is gripping, exciting at times and nerve wracking when it is played late at night in a darkened room. Chills will be felt, there are places you'll feel really nervous about entering and some are downright creepy.

It's an experience I'd recommend, if only to see that this kind of game could be great. It's just that this one is not. And that's completely thanks to the ending, in my case.

For the 5 dollars they're asking now, go buy this game! It's so worth 5 dollars. It's even worth 10 dollars. But not 20 dollars. That's just way more than this is worth.
low rated
I had the opposite reaction, but agree completely.

I finished it and thought "wow great game!," but entirely agree with everything the original poster said, including that this game is polarizing in a way that is interesting, but possibly not necessary (though the developers might disagree). That's the best aspect of it though, that it requires you to think to appreciate it. If you like thinking about games, you'll like this one. If you don't like thinking about games, you won't.

I also agree that this is a $10 game (especially without the soundtrack), which is a good deal at $5 but not worth $20.

(I also bought it on sale on Steam, and bought it again on sale here, so I've now spent my $10 for it.)
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low rated
Heh, i picked it up as well, but got it for 5....

(no spoilers)

the game only took me around 2 1/2 hours and i must say I was very entertained. it was a very interesting way to tell a story. But i have to laugh at all the people that say it is not a game. It has basic puzzles (though very basic), It is a scavenger hunt you have to find things, again you can argue if it is to easy or not but to me the point of the game was not trying to make it difficult, and has a Hide and sneak vibe. You basically adventure your way through a story. How all those aspects are not games to some is beyond me.

It is a very different game, though i would not have been opposed to the game having a bit more puzzle and a bit higher difficulty in some respects, to me it was not something that challenges you in that way. (Not like "the longest Journey" for example. But i do enjoy that side of things so more puzzles to help advance the story would of been fine with me. (yes finding and using something is a puzzle, you can ask your self if difficulty matters in this side of things. A puzzle 50 piece puzzle made for a kid is still a puzzle, while the 5k piece puzzle a snow landscape can be a test of your will they are still both puzzles (which is a game)

I also thought later in the game, and when you get to it you will know it.. (3/4 the way through, i thought that aspect of the story could of been deeper. (after the basement, I hope me saying a house has a basement is not to spoilerish.. :P )

Over all worth the money,, I can spend 20 bucks on a pizza and watch a movie.. Or play gone home. Id say both are equally entertainment. But nothing is every stopping anyone to a sale at a later date. I'd like to say, good on them for launching with a sale. That is pretty cool
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