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Changelog for Official Languages Update (added 16 February 2018):

- Gone Home now includes official language support for: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese
- general engine upgrade to a newer version of Unity that should improve performance and compatibility

Known issues:

- Commentary subtitles and Achievements are not yet translated in Russian and Portuguese.
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Update 2019-11-14

Minor patch, big in size!
Hey all! We're rolling out a patch to Gone Home that should have no noticeable impact on most users-- aside from a large patch download size! The new version of the Mac OS has security requirements that require an update to a newer version of the Unity engine, which is what this patch is all about. We're updating the game to a more current version of Unity on all OSes, which unless we missed something, should just mean the game is exactly the same, but maybe running a little smoother... and doesn't throw a security warning on Mac. Oh, we also took the opportunity to improve support for Dualshock controllers, and clean up a couple other very minor bits and bobs. The big download size is just because an engine version upgrade this big kind of touches every part of the game, meaning Steam couldn't chunk it down into a smaller patch for y'all.