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The game looks intriguing, no doubt about it, but I wish there was a demo...
Has anyone bought/finished it already? Would you recommend it? If so, why/why not?
Thanks in advance!
There is an online demo at
I have finished, or at least I reached a screen that said "The End".
I wouldn't recommend it. But my opinion is biased because I thought the game was for adults. After playing it, I'd say it's for very small children.
Anyway, please go and play the demo. It shows the exact 3 first locations of the game, and it's a really good sample of how the gameplay is. Literally. When I played the demo I thought that maybe the game would get a little harder or more interactive in later stages... I was wrong. Every time you click the right hotspot for Gomo to advance to the next screen, Gomo does an animation and then just leaves.
And please take a good notice of the time limit in the clock when Gomo is blackmailed into obtaining the crystal. At first I thought that that was just "game time", in other words, not a real time limit. But now I'm sure the game can be finished in a fraction of that time.
Also, there are practically no puzzles... I'm beginning to think that I accidentally left the "easy" option selected and that's why it was so dumb.
But in the brighter side, the music is beautiful and the animations of this interactive cartoon movie are really funny.
If I hadn't bought it already, I'd wait for it to be on sale, at about $1.49 or less before buying it. Unless you want it for your little 5 year old nephew.

I hope this was of some help.
Thank you very much for responding, that's a very helpful summary.
I'll give the demo a try (I was rather certain there is none, I must have failed my "google search" skill check).
For children it seems great. My nieches (6 years old) tried it and they liked it.

However on the technical side I am not satisfied with the game, because it won't really go to real fullscreen. There is a big black border around the graphic.