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Changelog for Patch (added 01 June 2018):

* Fixed a bug with the sounds effects volume controls
* Level 4 - Fixed bug where the golem could get stuck on the falling lift
* Level 4 - Fixed bug that allowed you to cross the final drawbridge before the windmill had been completely raised
* Level 5 - Lower pressure plate door now remains open once activated
* Level 5 - Mid-level cutscene now triggers as soon as the golem gets off the ramp
* Level 5 - Lever that controls ramp is now disabled while the golem is on it
* Level 5 - Fixed bug that allowed some of the pipes to get stuck in the air below the catapult
* Level 6 - Fixed an animation issue when the dog jumps over the block
* Level 6 - Fixed a bug that allowed you to move into a blocked area
* Level 7 - Fixed a scripting bug with a couple of the rolling pipes
* Level 8 - Adjusted the camera boundaries
* Level 10 - Fixed a movement bug with one of the stairsways
* Level 10 - Fixed a lever position
* Level 10 - Fixed playback of the cutscene on completion
high rated
Changelog for Patch (added 08 June 2018):

* Increased the amount of time before the camera returns to default position after being moved manually
* Panning the camera now defaults to the arrow keys (WSAD still work as well)
* Clicking your current character's icon will return the camera to its default position
* Character icons are now fixed in the bottom corners of the screen
* New camera cutscenes on level 7 to show the water levels changing
* New camera cutscenes on level 10 to follow the projectiles and pipes
* New camera cutscenes on level 10 to show the effects of closing the roof
* Added a shortcut exit at the end of level 10 to make it easier to go back and finish anything missed
* Fixed a couple camera bugs when changing between parts of a level
* Minor lighting, sound and visual FX adjustments