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When can we expect the next update to come? Also will you make patch notes available to read here?
DerEvilSL: When can we expect the next update to come? Also will you make patch notes available to read here?
Since we of GOG are Polish peasants at heart, we can expect to be treated accordingly re other, unnamed platforms. Que sera, sera. We merry band of lads have fellowship, kinship, and brotherhood to sustain us, so be of positive, good cheer, and laugh at life's absurd ironies. Never let 'em get ya down. Vaya con Dios, amigo. ;-))
DerEvilSL: When can we expect the next update to come? Also will you make patch notes available to read here?
GOG versions do not always receive every update and also not together with Steam. Unfortunately, sometimes it can take a week for GOG to receive updates.

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Hotfix (Mo., 7. Juni 2021) STEAM, no GOG

Hey everyone, we have our first hotfix ( for Going Medieval live now.

This hotfix is focused on fixes for crashes, with some other key notable things listed below:
- Various crash fixes are implemented throughout the game, caused by resource piles, room temperatures, roof spawning, building rotation, particle spawning, job panel, tooltips, & pausing production
- Fixed crashes caused by naming settlers and village with non-latin characters
- Fixed bug that caused dead settlers to get production experience
- Added run in the background option: Players can now choose whether they want to allow the game to run in the background when changing focus (ALT+TAB)
- Added a message when the player is trying to place a building somewhere where stability is 0. This also means that the message will appear when a player drags a wall off a cliff or tries to palace a wall on a spot with no stability
- Merlons will not be counted as wall anymore
- Fixed issue where music would get stuck on "one-note"
If you don't have patience and want to ask the developer about the latest version, you can do so under

The publisher has a contact page:
I still have the hope that version will be released next weekend. It's a shame that GOG is so poorly supplied with updates.

Currently on GOG, still for download.

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Patch Notes (Do., 17. Juni 2021)

is here! At the moment we’re focused on fixing crashes with a couple of bugs and issues fixes here and there too, but don’t worry - we’re simultaneously working on feature updates. Those will have to wait a bit, until we make sure that most of you are experiencing Going Medieval crash-free.

- Fixed crash caused by quitting to the main menu if the settler's health starts depleting
- Fixed crash caused by quitting to the main menu while the warning messages are appearing
- Fixed crash that occurred when one of the production buildings would get destroyed and the player quickly tried to quit the game. Alternatively, the same thing would happen if the player managed to select that building somehow, once it was destroyed
- Fixed bug that made doors appear "Open" regardless of the state that the player chooses. It should happen way less or not at all
- Fixed bug that prevented roof from being destroyed if that roof was supported by the ground
- Fixed issue that prevented room detection from working as intended in some cases - when a player would build one room above the other and try to patch a 1x1 hole in one room's ceiling (the other's floor), the room would not be divided into two rooms.
- Fixed issue that caused beams to (sometimes) be placed 90 degrees from where they were originally supposed to be
- Fixed issue that caused the Research panel to not react to the mouse scroll wheel
- Animals spawn rate received additional rebalance
- Minor pathfinding optimization have been implemented
- Various other crash fixes


Foxy Voxel
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Thanks, but I just can't understand devs that can't take time to do this themselves.
Unfortunately, hardly any developer does that.