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I love this game and in particular the freedom it gives you in building. I've built nothing special yet, except what I mention below. I'm kind of proud of finally having a village running well at my 3rd attempt, with buildings organized and each having their own purpose. Having a basement for food and an attic for storing important stuff far away from the world.
Currently building a workhouse for clothes. Close to the Flax field, also to be used to make bricks.

Next goal, completely enclosing my village, while having good defenses, mainly to keep out the Polecats, Wild Boars and Wolfs from feeding on my food... I can deal with raiders but those wild animals keep stealing my food... Maybe build a trap or two here and there to capture them in the proces.

I'm curious to your lay-outs and buildings.
Post edited October 16, 2023 by OresUkos