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PROBLEM: Paws get stuck in place while trying to eat or construct, picking up what they need and dropping on the ground in a loop.

WORK AROUND: DRAFT, MOVE, UNDRAFT (Doesn't work always on the first try)

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING: It might be a personal problem since I'm playing on an old laptop that can barely keep up with the game (graphics). This might be causing some memory leak and the pointer is not pointing to the right place and your try-catch starts the loop.

I tried to reset the computer, close all unnecessary stuff and update all that had to be updated (BTW, I just had a windows update, but the problem happened before it)

I have the save file, just let me know if you like to have it.

Thank you for the great game and congrats for the 175K going 250K copies sold.

In time, are you going to use discord for this or only this forum?

Have a great day.