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In Queen Xina's room, AFTER you have gone to King Bodd's room and gotten the slipper, I come back to have Fulbert (snake) activate the ball and cup but he doesn't. It works before you go, but not after when you need it. Tried it on 2 computers, totally different installs (both straight from the site) and different save files. Anyone else run into this bug? Can it be fixed?
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Do you mean the one where you want to shoot the skull but when Wolfy standing on the stool and Fulbert climbs the candlestick you can't switch back to Wolfy? I have that too. And a save with it present.
Many years later...

To anyone else who might ever get to this part and think it's a bug, it's not... necessarily. Now that you have the axe, the ability for Fulbert to climb up the candlestick is paused temporarily and the solution to get the skull is more complicated. You can get a hint by using the axe directly on the skull. This is all very unintuitive of course; much like having to use the coin on the fountain mouth to return to the Queen's room, even though you didn't on the way there and when you try to travel normally you may be specifically told you have to stay in the King's room when you don't and maybe shouldn't. Buh.

EDIT: So I quickly found an actual bug related to this issue: If you don't talk to Wynonna before you get/give the skull to King Bodd, you'll get a message that you need to talk to her when you try to leave even if you do then talk to her. This will block you from progressing. This is probably why it encourages you heavily to talk to Wynonna before you return to the Queen's room, though you might still need items from there to even get to Wynonna. Good luck future players!
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