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I'm getting a bug which makes further walkthrough impossible. The Throne level has a crown on a false king (green orc-looking dude in the middle). In order to get it I had to use a blue goblin with the dragon head (so he would know the crown down). However, I gave the ladybug to the false-king before the crowned was to be knocked down. And now I'm having an issue as prince Griffon refuses to go to the Armour level (the cursor is not switching to door to indicate a level transition). So, I'm stuck.

Perhaps somebody can lend a save game of the next level? My last save leads to the castle entrance level. I don't want to repeat everything again.
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I've actually picked up all of my will pieces and made an additional walkthrough of the game but I've done right this time, This topic can be closed, just keep in mind that something like this may occur and try to avoid the case I provided above during your walkthroughs in the future.