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I've been playing through Gobliins 2 over the last week or so, and I've encountered a nasty, potentially game-ruining bug.

I haven't got the specifics of its activation down, but if you click around or switch characters when Fingus or Winkle is climbing a ladder, there's a good chance they'll stop on one of the rungs and face the screen, leaving only the other character(s) controllable. Clicking the stuck character will see your other character simply walk over to them, but they can't be interacted with. Saving the game when this is happening doesn't fix things; as soon as you reload, they'll become stuck again.

In areas with multiple screens, you can just travel to a different one and the stuck character will be unstuck. In areas with only one screen, however, this bug is fatal... as I just found out the hard way, on the final screen of the game! No backed up saves, no recourse, no kidding. :(

Considering the age of the game, I consider it doubtful this will be fixed, but hopefully it's at least a lesson to others.
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