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I am trying to install the game on Mac (Monterrey) via Galaxy. Immediately upon selecting Install I get an error "Installation failed (E9) servers returned an unknown error." I've been trying since Friday and had no luck.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Galaxy, and other games install just fine.

EDIT: 7 July 2022 - Download appears to be working now.
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Same! Been trying all weekend.
Mac OS user here. I installed the game about a week ago. What I have noticed since a couple of days back is that there is a bugged size zero patch which downloads and then fails. This also prevents verifying the game files and most likely is the cause of you not being able to install the game. GOG need to fix this ASAP!
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Similar issues for me, also got an "Installation Failed (E9)" error. Been trying all weekend, and still it doesn't work.
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I've got the same issue. I hope they fix it soon.
DeusXMortis: I've got the same issue. I hope they fix it soon.
Been like this for a week now...