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Hi all,

I am totally confused, as I do not get the multiplayer running, since I updated to the latest versions (extension installed). The multiplayer "join button" in the main menu is greyed out. And if I try to host a session the "host button" is greyed out as well no matter where I am in the compaign. If I install an older version with the extension not installed everything works fine...

I do not have GOG-Galaxy running...

Does anyone can give me advice, please?
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Only recently got the game, as well as this DLC, and I am having the same experience! Regardless of whether I launch the game from galaxy, or directly via shortcut.
I experimented a bit on this topic and figured out that it requieres "Galaxy Communication Service" to be running in background. As long as you have GOG-Galaxy running everything shall be working fine, though.

Oneone found a work-arround to avoid running GOG-Galaxy?