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GINSHA Update 1.1.0 has been released
01 - 01 - 24

New features and improvements:

- New weapon damage atrribute scaling system
- New NPCs to help with quests
- New secrets and more loot
- New environment and background sprites
- New critical hit indicator
- New double jump charge indicator
- New hints for destroyable blocks and secrets
- New centered save animation
- Keep new loot, scans and progress after death
- Improved overall performance
- Improved weapon and difficulty balance
- Improved dash mechanics
- Improved smooth screenshake
- Improved precise collisions
- Improved lights & shadows
- Improved worldmap icons
- Improved enemy & weapon animations
- Improved visibility for scannable objects skill
- Improved auto aim and smart bullets
- Improved controller remap feature
- Show weapon scale at Level up screen
- optimized healthbar color visibility
- Neon City Ion Prison quest hint added
- Fire Pillar screenshake removed
- Automata weapon improved auto targeting
- Psi and damage adjustments for melee weapons
- Speed distance reduced for flee unit
- Drop chance increased to 100% for flee unit


- Armor rarity names fixed
- Minimap loading issue fixed
- Scan hint in background fixed
- Scrolling issue in iondark fixed
- Healthbar clipping fixed
- Core factory Light & Shadows fixed
- Time stop Weapon firing fixed
- Single shot after Weapon switch fixed
- Zombie enemy leg collisions fixed
- Pick Up message rarity color fixed