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was wanting to play the game uncensored if anyone knows how?

EDIT: I found how..

In "C:\Program Files\\Giants – Citizen Kabuto\Bin" folder (default), there is a file called "arpfix.gzp"

Delete it, you can't rename it and let it sit there, i've tried or move it out of the folder

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Just wanted to post the original instructions from the developers when the game was released. At the time, I copy/pasted it into a text file as follows:
Within the Giants folder is a folder named Bin.
Open that folder, and look for a file named arpfix.gzp.
Make a backup of this file, and place the backup on the desktop.
Return to the original arpfix.gzp file.
Rename arpfix.gzp to arpfix.old.
Now start up Giants as you did before. This time around, Delphi will be topless as designed.
natewrench reported that they couldn't rename the file and leave it in place, but that's what the devs originally suggested. It's possible that the original fix no longer works due to later patches, etc. I still thought this was worth posting as it was the "official unofficial" instructions from the devs back in the day.

For those that don't know, Delphi was originally intended to be topless as a character design, but the publisher required that they change it, probably to avoid controversy and potential store bans. This was fixed as a punch list item and could be easily undone by game owners if they wanted to play with the original character model. The devs claimed that this was not intended to be sexual in nature and this seemed reasonable as Delphi is otherwise naked except for her translucent skirt.

I seem to even recall a dev in an interview wondering why the problem was with her top when she also had no bottoms ;). I suspect that this was simply because she had nipples, but no genitalia.

The 'full nude" mod linked in another thread is just sad, though, as it's just a childish excuse to sexualize Delphi. That mod even has human-like skin tone, which is ridiculous as she's not human. If people want nudity, why not just play an adult game? Why add crass nudity to good games like this one?
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