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Just discovered that Giants works really nice with 3D glasses. I only got those red-cyan anaglyph glasses (plastic, not paper glasses at least). I occasionally test gaming with some of these, and now I just got a new pair, plus its been a while since last time.

Granted its a bit tiresome on the eyes after a while, but then its just a matter of taking a break or switching to 2D for a while. I thought at least the red themed maps with the blue (well, light cyan) Delphi would look awkward, but they didn't.

Pretty cool :)

Using nVidia btw, and they have finally included a 3D stereoscopic setting in their control panel, for Vista at least (it could be I haven't played with these settings before with Vista). Also using XP, and no go there, which is a shame (Unless reverting to 5-ish year old drivers).
Not bad. I used stereoscopic in Vista in the past. You probably just didn't notice it. They have had stereo with the blue / red for a while. =)