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Hi, I would like to report a couple of bugs I found, one in the original "Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams", and one in "Raise of the Owlverlord":

- I saw this on the Steam threads but don't know if it ever had a follow up, anyway, it doesn't matter how many stars I get in the boss stages of the original Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, the game will always show 0/5.
Strangely enough, hardcore mode is unlocked so is like the game knows how many I got but just doesn't show them for some reason.

- The second bug is in Raise of the Owlverlord, as there are two red gems missing in stage 5.
After many empty tries where I kept getting 849/851 gems I checked some gameplay footage to find out that in his segment here: my version of the game counts 3 red gems instead of 5 before to land on the fragile blocks.

Thank you for your time and I hope that, despite the age of this game, something can be done about these issues.
The Stage 5 missing gems bug disappeared after playing it on score attack mode.
Post edited May 02, 2020 by Otakuwolf