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I know, I know - unpopular to point them out, but once I come across them I can't just ignore them either.
Chances are they won't get fixed anyway, because who cares and takes a minute or two to read stuff in video games these days, that's not fun!

Just 2 so far:

Should be "I mean,...":

Should be "guerrillas" (with "ll"):
Should be "are a particularly large":

Should be "optimize the human brain":

Needs another comma after "2156" - "September 26th, 2156, the day...":
Should be "Don't kill me!":

Should be "The Tower shape was...":

Should be "between the user's neural cortex...":

Needs a closing period ( . ) at the end of the sentence after "status":

Not a typo or anything along these lines but this particularly "muddy" vent grating texture right next to the level's ("Inward and Upward") exit point/elevator caught my eye. Looks like it's not loaded completely or something?
The last batch, also including a few texturing and level geometry-related issues:

Not sure if it was done deliberately but the posters in this spot during "Inward and Upward" are obviously upside down:

Couple "holes" in the geometry during one of the unnamed levels towards the finale, I'm sure the devs can tell from the screenshots which map it is exactly:

Should be "A fully sentient...":

Should be "specimen has been extracted...":