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I just wanted to confirm on my end what others have said before here on the forums, if you have an original copy of the game, with the expansions, all you have to do is save and drop the Mp1 and Mp2 mod files (from the original install) into the GoG verision and the widescreen and expansions run no problems.

I tried running the original install on my widescreen and it's a no go (win7 and win8), but the GoG version supports widescreen. So now I just run the GoG version with the map packs pasted in the folders.

Struggled with this for a couple years, believe it or not, never wanted to DL a widescreen hack, I knew there was a better solution and this was it. This game is a complete classic, and in terms of tactical shooters has never been improved upon (maybe raven's shield comes close; but not for outdoor missions)

Other shooters have bells and whistles, but for my brothers and I co-oping ghost recon missions is unbeatable.
the fov is the only thing i could never figure out how to fix, the widescreen cuts off some of the top and bottom of the screen