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This massive mod seems to have had major update, since I didn't see a post about it here...


THE WORLD WIDE WEB, November 13, 2016 - ApexMods ( today announces a major development milestone for Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, hardcore tactical realism mod for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001), the universally acclaimed and multiple GOTY award winning classic squad-based military first-person shooter by Red Storm Entertainment.

As of today, marking the 15th anniversary of Ghost Recon's release back in 2001, the final open beta of the Heroes Unleashed mod - version 1.0.0b9 - is available as a free download, cross-platform compatible for both Mac and PC gamers. After almost one and a half decades of relentless fanatic one-man development, the mod's creator Apex reports to be working on the finishing details for a full 1.0 version, scheduled for release "when it's ready".

Heroes Unleashed offers the redux of a wide variety of content and ideas from the myriad of mods classic Ghost Recon inspired over the years. The huge project aims to incorporate those elements of the game's rich modding history into an ultimate collection of the best game content, meticulously complemented by significant refinements and additions, all with a distinct emphasis on hardcore tactical realism.

Since its humble beginnings and first public release in 2008, the popular mod has matured immensely. Containing over 125,000 files, Heroes Unleashed now weighs in at about 20 GB fully installed (the download package is ultra-compressed to under 7 GB), and next to the mod's rejuvenating audio-visual makeover for the classic original, its impressive catalog of hardcore realism enhancements, and a host of other novel and innovative features, the latest update to this monumental expansion pack delivers more than 200 maps and missions, over 400 weapons and equipment items, 100+ military and civilian vehicles, in excess of 1,000 character models, and upwards of 100 single and multiplayer game types.

Hundreds of thousands of mod downloads are an impressive testament to the lasting appeal of Red Storm's Ghost Recon from 2001, the legendary "Thinking Man's Shooter" generally credited by industry experts with defining and refining the tactical realism FPS genre, and widely considered to still be one of the best tactical shooters in existence today.

New for 2016: Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0 Beta 9

New release of Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, the ruthlessly unforgiving tactical shooter experience. Unofficial expansion pack for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001), with 200+ maps, 400+ weapons, tons of other content, packed with ass-kicking realism and countless gameplay improvements. It's time to revisit the King of tactical realism shooters!

V1.0.0B9 - RELEASED: 11/13/2016


• Intensified focus on hardcore tactical realism gameplay
• Enhanced and extended Ghost Recon trilogy SP / MP CO-OP campaigns
• Nonlinear randomized SP / MP CO-OP mission and game type execution
• Cinematic mission intro & outro cutscenes for single player
• Automated save game function for single player missions and games
• Huge choice of maps (over 200 total), available in all SP / MP games
• Overhauled realistic map environments (viewing and drawing distance)
• Dynamic mission weather change (precipitation, intensity, direction)
• Novel random mission generator for SP / MP CO-OP on all maps
• Many new and improved game types (100+ total for SP / MP combined)
• Comprehensive SP / MP CO-OP tactical score / rating system
• Intricate AI stealth / enemy detection and alertness routines
• Improved overall opponent and friendly AI capabilities and behavior
• Loads of authentic weapons and equipment items (more than 400 total)
• Revamped equipment kit selection menus (quick equipment browsing)
• More realistic weapon characteristics, handling, and ballistics
• Closer to real-world bullet penetration and wounding system
• Innovative new weapon sight zoom effect (visible weapon scope)
• Reworked SP kits and MP unit and equipment restrictions setup
• Extra characters (more than 1,000 total) with many new attachments
• Expanded SP team character appearance (varying character skins)
• Additional marksman character for SP Ghost team and all MP teams
• Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) updated to Advanced Combat Uniform (ACU)
• Added MP units (Navy SEALs, SAS, Delta Force, KSK, Spetsnaz, etc.)
• Supplementary military and civilian vehicles (more than 100 total)
• Boosted audio dynamics and scores of authentic new sounds
• Countless new high-resolution textures and more detailed 3D models
• Updated user interface (menus, HUD, command map, PDA, sounds etc.)
• Optimized for current 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio HD displays
• Tons of technical and gameplay fixes, adjustments, fine tuning, etc.
• Customizable to personal preference via 50+ included add-on mods
• Immeasurable treasure in game- and mod-related bonus content ;)
• Streamlined file / folder naming and structure for easier modding
• Elaborate measures for compatibility and discrete modular content
• Included development tools and essential modding information
• Cross-platform compatible (same download for Mac and PC)
Thanks for sharing this, it looks terrific. I've read here and there that it requires Ghost Recon's extensions to work (Desert Siege, Island Thunder, maybe a third one). Do you know anything about this? Or more straightly: does this mod work with GoG's version of Ghost Recon?

Thanks in advance for your answer, and thanks again for sharing the mod.
After reading the mod's readme, it does require the two mods. damn why doesn't gog have the expansions?
Hi all,

Just wanted to pass along that the amazing mod Heroes Unleashed no longer requires Desert Seiege and Island Thunder per the latest release.

"Also, HU 1.0 no longer requires Desert Siege or Island Thunder to be installed. It's still fully compatible with both, but there are now compatibility add-ons included that can you install if you want to play the mod without the official expansions. Please see the included manual or quick start guide for details."

Mod can be downloaded here: