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Changelog for patch 2.81 / GOG-11 (Windows) (added 13 January 2017):

- Knocked-out stars on Tilo remain after a reload.
- When Fatale sleeps after a conversation and Tilo goes to sleep for 24h and then goes back to see her she is still sleeping (although it’s not the same night).
- Rare cases where the time of day is not properly reset after reloading a save.
- Rats can sometimes remain unresponsive after reloading a save.
- Costume change sometimes fails to be noticed by NPCs.
- Color mismatch on the candle hat icon (wax should be red).
- Sometimes Tilo’s climbing ladder animation plays too slowly.
- AI can detect Tilo when he’s in the spiral staircase between the courtyards.
- Message “You need the !” appearing when no door key name is defined.
- Mouse cursor doesn’t appear at the end of the game (can’t click on buttons).
- Some guards don’t go back to their patrol points when reloading a save.
- Scrollbar appears in dialog choices when it’s not necessary.
- Some set elements are missing their colliders.
- Inspect costume UI doesn’t show the proper costume stats info.
- The courtyard map doesn’t reflect the new courtyard layout.
- Tilo can climb through some low ceilings.
- Tilo can push around a sleeping rat when wearing the armor after reloading a save.
- Landscape mesh sometime shows up within the jail.
- G&F’ cell can sometimes fail to load properly.
- Rats sometimes do not fall flat on their back.
- Skybox is visible through the windows of the gallery (landscape is missing).

- The mouse-wheel can now be used to scroll through dialog options.
- Added colliders to scaffolding posts in courtyard.
- Item description UI now makes the inventory underneath inactive (when hovering with the mouse).
- Wooden plank in jail tower cannot be jumped upon from lower level anymore.
- When inspecting a costume item the stats of the costume are visually aligned with the current inventory stats to make comparing the two easier.
- Room at bottom of stairs in main tower has been removed in preparation for future layout updates.
- Improved fire effect when burning banners.
- Torch lighting has been improved.

- Added new UI element for when Tilo is wearing a complete costume.
- Now internally tracking how many in-game days have gone by.
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Changelog for Patch 3.54 / GOG-12 (Windows) (added 01 March 2017):

- Can’t burn banner at top of highest tower
- When being chased by a guard, the second guard to detect Tilo doesn’t attack him
- Gamepad's LB + RB are still functional in inventory while inspecting an item
- Sun longitude is wrong
- Floating tree near far tower
- Rats can still sometimes see Tilo through walls
- Rats can walk through one of the doors separating the two courtyards
- Tilo gets detected as soon as he climbs a ladder (ie: jail and stables)
- Rats can walk through the tree in front of the stables in the north courtyard
- Tilo cannot cross through the window in the garden
- The rat patrolling the rampart disappears when Tilo climbs the first stairs leading up to the war room
- Weird collision issue near bottom of second bed in Tilo’s cell
- Several geometry holes
- Brazier light popping in/out in small tower leading to far tower bridge
- Lots of light-leaking in highest tower
- Framerate shot down when Tilo gets hurt (fire, hornets, poison, etc... )
- Wall on the rampart doesn't have a side where it meets the gate to the forest area
- Silas’ visibility toggles while Tilo is inside his cot
- Main menu pops in uninvited after sleeping in a bed
- Underground sections are sometimes visible from the top of the tower

Changed / Improved:
- Moved barrel position in garden so not everything is bunched up in the corner near the window
- Removed visual noise indication when creating auditive distractions (white particles mistaken for a splash)
- Lake water now looks correct at night! :)
- Braziers that are unlit do not set fire to Tilo anymore

Patch 3.47

- Colliders are visible in the jail and the courtyard!!!
- Pressing ESC when in the Support & Feedback menu doesn't close that menu

Patch 3.46

- Enemy detection is FIXED!!!
- The first rat doesn't come to open the gate if you die and reload the first autosave
- Tilo's feet penetrate the jail floor a lot
- Main menu shows up after loading a save and talking to a character
- Wrong instruction in inventory for "Put on Costume" button
- Actor dynamics are broken in some situations
- Tilo falling through the floor before reaching the jailer's office

Patch 3.44

- In-game labels for interactable objects don't appear when the HUD is hidden
- The courtyard disappears when going down the basket elevator
- Mouse cursor still interacts with main menu when confirming quit (or save overwrite)
- Cannot access all the debug menu elements via the gamepad
- Mouse and mousewheel are still active when the save menu is accessed while hiding
- Inventory slots are still active when inspecting an item/costume via the gamepad

- Pressing F8 (or left stick) while hiding to access the save menu now pauses the game
- Leaving the save menu (when it was accessed while hiding) now brings you back directly to the game without going through the main menu
- Reverted to using the B button to close the inventory (X is back to putting on the full costume)

Patch 3.43

- Cannot open metal gate leading to far tower
- Main menu and option menus are broken when using the mouse
- Black screen when coming back from the Options menu
- Map doesn't work with the gamepad (left shoulder button)
- Tilo sometimes falls and climbs when transitioning between the north and south courtyards
- Rat on rampart disappears and reappears just in front of Tilo when going beyond the gate leading to the far tower
- Cannot reach bottom option of debug menu using the gamepad
am I correct that a restart is best after loading this patch?
Things that I like from the 3.54 patch:
- I think you did something with the color grading. It looks kind of nice. Before, everything was kind of 'red-ish'.
- I love that when you disable the sneaking effect, you no longer hear the windy sound. It was a little upsetting when you went in and out of sneak mode frequently in a short period of time.

Things that could be improved:
- I think there is a bug with vsync. With it disabled I get stable 60fps, but when I enable it I get dips to 30fps in certain areas. Even when I enable vsync and triple buffer from the nvidia control panel I still get the dips.
- I wish that dark rooms were actually dark before you entered them. They look like well lit rooms until you get inside, then everything turns dark, including the well lit rooms outside.
- I wish Depth of field allowed you to focus on far objects.

Other than that, amazing work as always.

My setup:
core i7 4790k non OC
8GB ram
gtx 970 (drivers version 376.33)
Windows 7 Ultimate
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Changelog for patch 3.58 / GOG-13 (Windows) (added 08 March 2017):

- Rats can't open/cross doors anymore!
- Cannot knock down the key to Silas’ footlocker by throwing something at it
- Tilo can release buckets in the air (floating buckets)
- Lots of little geometry holes!
- One of the garden walls is missing its collider
- “Test Quest” appearing under markers on the map (the fix will likely mess with existing rose icons, sorry about that)
- Can’t pick up grain bag behind Faustus (moved the bags around)
- Pumpkin hat in garden is physicalized
- NPC name labels still appear when Tilo is chased by a guard
- Sewer elevator lever label says “door lever”
- Ambient lighting gets lighter at night when going through passage between the courtyards (and in other places)
- When a tutorial is up it’s not possible to interact with the main menu anymore
- Accessing main menu and closing it when a tutorial prompt is up unpauses the game
- The main menu sometimes pops up after the very first autosave
- Renown points appear over the books UI
- NPCs have lost their speech bubble icons!
- If Tilo is knocked down, opening and closing the inventory grants control again
- Falling through far wall in sewers under Kerold’s cell

Changelog for patch 3.60 / GOG-13 (Windows) (added 08 March 2017):

- Tilo and the rats can’t go down stairs to flooded cell
- Rats cannot follow Tilo inside the room in the gatehouse atop the wall separating the courtyards
- The camera is going through some thin piece of geometry as the door to Kerold's cell opens
- During the daytime, on loading a save made during nighttime, the scene remains daytime for a few seconds
- Rare bug after reloading where Rats’ halberds spew sparks as if they’re hitting something
- Tilo dying doesn’t interrupt his hiding in a chest
- The rat patrolling the rampart is not visible through the window in the small tower above
- More geometry holes!
- Loading an autosave sometimes loads the wrong save (in a specific series of save/load manipulations)
- Basket elevator rope goes through the ground after loading a save where the basket is down
- Section visibility issue when Tilo climbs on the roof to the gatehouse
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PaterAlf: Changelog for patch 3.60 ...
You missed 3.58, which was released today as well ;-)
Have sent you the changelog via chat, ready to be added.
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DeMignon: You missed 3.58, which was released today as well ;-)
Have sent you the changelog via chat to added to your post.
Done! :)
Oh thank you, I should have done that mysef.
Great job !
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Changelog for Patch 3.95 (added 16th May 2017):

- The rat on the rampart cannot follow Tilo to the bridge to the far tower
- Weird “midnight sun” glitch causing the sun to go back through the sky at exactly midnight
- Next and previous page UI buttons do not appear when they’re supposed to
- Rats in courtyard disappear when Tilo is close to the broken cannon (under the gallery)
- Quest UI doesn’t pop up when picking up an escaped beetle
- Rare case where escaped beetles do not properly reinitialize after consecutive reloads
- After reloading a save the sun can sometimes linger in a wrong orientation before time of day catches up to the one in the save
- Button to put on a full costume is absent from instructions when using mouse/keyboard
- Colliders are missing on the arches’ roofs on the bridge to the far tower
- Items description sometimes appear truncated (missing scrollbar)
- Scrollbar sometimes appear on a short item description that doesn’t warrant it
- Footnotes sometimes miss their scrollbar or conversely have one when it’s not needed
- Camera freaks out when getting near the door to the catacombs’ corridor
- Scrolling down items description using the mouse wheel is much too slow
- Dev mode was let on by mistake (duh)

- Saving is now allowed only after Tilo has finished hiding (as opposed to right when starting to hide)
- It is now possible to middle-mouse click on a costume item to quickly put on the entire costume
- Magnet aim now works with the drawbridge brake (from across the gap)
- Greaves description has been updated with a piece of trivia
- It is now possible to simply close an item’s description UI by right-clicking on it (useful and logical, since a right-click is what causes it to appear)
- Added a new shortcut between the secret distillery and other parts of the sewers
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Changelog for Patch 4.13 (added 22 June 2017):

- Rare case where a rat doesn’t go back to patrolling after chasing Tilo
- Missing wall colliders inside main tower (for stairs leading up to the rampart)
- Missing ceiling geometry above staircase in main tower
- Rats disappear when crossing the second bridge of the far tower
- Rats can open the door at the end of the second bridge
- Cases where rats aggressivity is not properly reset after reloading a save
- Rare cases where shadows from a light source fail to appear
- Ladder in gallery rafters doesn’t properly reset after lowering it and reloading a save where it was still up
- Camera masks when Tilo is hiding do not extend far enough for ultra-wide resolutions
- Rolo disappears when climbing on a specific spot in the forge
- Lore UI instructions show "Button_B" for "Close" when using mouse/keyboard
- Quest update popup hides books UI in 4:3 resolutions
- Rat patrolling stairs in front of holding cells is not visible from area above
- Cannot talk to Fatale after reloading a game where she went to sleep
- After taking the rec room key then dying and reloading, the key can't be picked anymore
- Sometimes after a reload rats chase Tilo but don't attack him for a few seconds
- Sometimes after a save the confirmation UI remains faintly visible on screen
- After grabbing a stool and dying the stool remains attached to Tilo after respawning
- Bad colliders in a couple of places within the main tower
- Rare cases where Kerold moves off of his stool after reloading a save
- The rat guarding the elevator corridor disappears too soon when entering
- Inventory can be called up while the stats UI is displayed
- The camera sometimes remains in the void after reloading a scene and flies back to Tilo only as he exists his hiding place

- Replaced all the trees with new SpeedTree assets
- Improved performance when standing on top of the main tower
- Set dressing is now complete in many places
- Improved textures and shaders on several assets
- New shader for the lake looks MUCH better
- Nights outside are not as dark anymore
- Candles are now automatically equipped onto the candlestick (no more fidgeting in the inventory)
- The HUD now displays the remaining candles next to the candlestick icon (candles are now like “ammo” for the candlestick)
- Books UI now makes Previous, Next and Close buttons more readable when using mouse/keyboard
- Re-implemented fog in exteriors
- Some yet non-public areas could sometimes be reachable via hacking. They shouldn’t be anymore (sorry!)

Changelog for Patch 4.18 (added 22 June 2017):

- Courtyard sections are turning off too soon when going through the elevator corridor door
- Fog in sewers is sometimes rendered under the water
- Untextured walls in sewers beyond the large metal grate
- The moon’s specular lighting gives strange result (overbright speculars) indoors when night falls
- Flatulence FX of farting rat is almost invisible (sacrilege!)
- Some rocks pop in when getting close to the distillery shortcut
- Water droplets particles effects (in the jail and sewers) are broken
- Some gaps in the sets geometry (far tower)
- Throwing a grease jar on a brazier doesn't fan the flames anymore
- Silas’ key is not pickable after it's knocked down by a projectile
- Candlestick erroneously shows 10 remaining candles when starting a new game and opening the inventory
- All of the queued quest updates spam the UI after hiding and showing the HUD
- Cases where the inventory UI fails to show a tool as equipped after picking one up
- Quest update popups completely obscure the dialog UI in 4:3 resolutions (text under should remain readable now)
- Tilo can seemingly pickup candles after reloading a save even if he’s already maxed out
- Latches that lower ladders cannot be triggered by throwing projectiles at them
- Some icons pertaining to gamepads are still visible in the inventory UI when using mouse/keyboard
- Irrelevant colliders left in jail tower

- Some areas like the stables and the top of the tower now let more light in
- Hiding is now forbidden while Tilo’s wearing the armor
- More coherent specular highlights on the lake at night (the moon is not THAT bright)
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Changelog for Patch 4.33 (added 27 June 2017):

- If Tilo stands in the window with the rose by a lectern and look back through the windows the interior section disappears
- Colliders of window sills are too low (Tilo's feet penetrate the geometry)
- In the collapsed tower the pushable beam's hole in the wall doesn't match the shape of the beam itself
- Various parts of the courtyard are switching off when Tilo's on top of the gatehouse roof (between the 2 courtyards)
- Tilo doesn't die when falling from the window of the highest tower
- Tilo can get stuck behind the open metal gate off the rampart (if falling from the outcrop above)
- Small geometry hole in the ceiling of Tilo's cell
- Torch light leaking through wall in Powderkeg’s cell
- Couple of typos in Faustus and Rolo's dialogs
- When opening the door to the tunnel that leads beneath Kerold's cell the "pull lever" text stays on screen
- Cases where the wrong (unequipped) tool is highlighted when opening up the inventory
- Case where some icons still refer to the mouse although only a gamepad is being used
- Light leaking in spiral staircase passage between the courtyards
- Some fog particles can be seen in the sewers' cistern which disappear when getting towards the stairs
- Light leaking in Rolo's forge in the morning
- Gusto & Fatale disappear when entering the cell next to theirs (while they should still remain visible)
- Light leaking in war room at different times of the day
- If you save before the first rat comes in to open the metal gate and Tilo afterwards get killed, the rat won’t come to open the gate (as he’s supposed to) after reloading the save

- The sun is now more visible during sunrise and sunsets (to justify the specular highlights on the lake)
- Text font on the song book’s UI is now larger (easier to read)
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Changelog for patch 4.40 (added 07 July 2017):

- Location prompts are not displaying anymore
- The moon still triggers blue specular highlights through walls at sunrise and sundown
- The torch in the bedroom by the gate to the far tower sometimes disappears
- Some window sills are missing their underside geometry
- Some see-through gaps around wooden doors' frames
- Rats can walk right through the columns in the courtyard near Rolo's forge
- Rats can't chase Tilo up to the top of the tallest tower
- Tilo can run up to the rats and pop up over them (collider issue)
- Costumes stats are wrong after reloading a save
- Crimson mushroom model in torture room's cage doesn't fall when the cage opens
- Spam LB + B while Tilo is in basket elevator (near Silas) leaves Tilo stuck floating in the air
- Guards keep walking on the spot after Tilo dies (that always annoyed me)
- Sometimes Tilo doesn't play his hit reaction animation when getting hit by the guards
- Butterflies are present at night after a reload
- Tilo is still considered in water after dying while being in water and reloading
- Equipped boots can sometimes appear offset from Tilo's feet
- When Tilo dies by falling down while holding a stool the stool is no longer there after reloading a save
- Rare cases where a stool is not longer interactible (nor solid) after reloading a save
- It is still possible to interact with items after Tilo dies
- Greaves (armour piece) marker doesn't appear on the map after Rolo reveals it
- Reassigning buttons sometimes breaks making it impossible to complete the process
- Sometimes leeches fail to attack even though they're within range of Tilo
- Leeches' detection origin is much too high (they still see Tilo when he's high above them and shouldn't been seen anymore)
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Changelog for Patch 483 (added (16 August 2017):

- Cannot trigger bear traps by throwing projectiles at them anymore
- Remaining cases of Tilo getting slowed down after dying in water and reloading
- Bad ground collider in courtyard (Tilo is floating next to well)
- Kerold’s bucket appears in the wrong place when Tilo empties it
- The hammer puzzle (rings) in the flooded cell sometimes becomes unresponsive
- The loading bar restarts from zero when it's almost done loading a save
- Kerold still sometimes moves from his stool
- Rolo doesn't show greaves marker when he should
- The number of candle in the inventory is wrong after reloading a save
- Cases where the candle on the candlestick doesn't deplete anymore
- Rare cases of keys not being on a guard's belt after a reload
- The fur on some guards is not properly oriented
- The far tower section disappears when stepping back into the small tower on the rampart
- Rats can walk through some walls on top of the main tower (near Silas)
- Some levers cannot be activated by throwing a projectile at them
- Tilo doesn’t animate when throwing a stick while being assaulted by bees
- Tilo doesn’t hold the candlestick/lantern correctly after falling on this butt and getting back up
- Some cases where map makers’ visibility don’t accurately reflect whether or not an item was already picked up
- It is sometimes impossible to loot a guard’s items after he’s been knocked out on his back
- Stamina depletion sometimes stutters when Tilo’s sprinting down a slope/stairs
- The inventory can be closed even when a tutorial about it is currently displayed
- Guards can walk through the wooden walls of the stables
- Dynamics animation on NPCs sometimes turn off even when they’re close to the camera
- Sometimes you can miss when throwing a bottle at a guard’s head from a high vantage point even though the magnet aim says it should work
- Some guard attack sounds are not playing

Added / Improved:
- Added 5 quests (the total number of quests in early access is now 33)
- Opened up new armory location + wooded area
- The north courtyard and the far tower now communicate through the armory
- Added a brightness slider to visual options menu
- Added inventory option to sort out cloth items by costume or body part
- Added an LODs slider to visual options menu
- Swapped gamepad menu buttons: main menu <-> inventory (it feels more natural)
- Improved the look of the candle flames shader
- Implemented camera shakes when Tilo gets hit (as well as for explosions)
- Implemented new brisance kegs (exploding barrels) mechanic
- Put the flint tool in the first chest outside Tilo’s cell (this will allow us to have a tutorial for it later on)
- Pressing up on the D-pad doesn’t put the equipped tool away anymore (pressing down is there for that)
- Added magnet aim system to spider traps
- Redid countdown counter icon for knocked out rats (bye-bye Atari 520 ST wait cursor icon!)
- It is now possible to light up candles (and brisance) using the firesteel tool
- Added beehives to the garden (+ associated quest)
- Added bees nests in wooded areas
- Implemented burning dead ivy mechanic
- Added obelisks around the far tower (+ associated quest)
- Created greaves for guards. Rats wearing these won’t slip down when hit by grease jars anymore
- Burning a banner now creates a distraction (will wake up any sleeping guard nearby)
- Implemented getting renown points via dialog choices
- Implemented contextual label when carrying heavy items so that the effect of dropping the item can clearly be anticipated
- Implemented burning sticks in brazier (watch out for the flames!)
- Causing a brazier to flare up now creates a distraction for the guards
- Dialog icon doesn’t remain on-screen anymore when the NPC is behind the camera
- Improved look for all particles (dust + smoke + leaves)
- Implemented new durability bar system for items like bees’ nests and exploding barrels
- Added twelve different types of mushrooms in the world (+ associated quests)
- Added spider traps around the far tower
- Extended the number of items which can fit in Tilo’s inventory (the inventory is now scrollable)
- Map icon markers now indicate if the items are located above or below Tilo’s position
- Added thorn bushes which hurt Tilo if he steps into them
- Added new map for Far Tower and Northern Slopes
- Added shortcut between the garden and the armory stairwell
- Added new pages to Tilo’s flower book (with more backstory on Tilo & Merra)
- Added new sounds for the guards attacking Tilo
- Readability has been improved with some fonts on the books UI

Changelog for Patch 486 (added 16 August 2017):

- If Tilo dies while opening a container the container UI remains on screen after reloading
- Lighting up the correct obelisk’s candle with the firesteel (instead of the candlestick) doesn’t register properly for the “Heroes All” quest
- The lighting pops up bright/dark when the brightness slider is not at the default value
- In the footnotes UI some words might be slightly cut off to the right
- Missing geometry to doorway arch to the actual armory room at the bottom of the spiral staircase
- The sun light is visible in the shortcut to the armory when entering the garden
- The main tower disappears while it should remain visible when entering the shortcut from the garden to the armory
- The guard patrolling the armory stairwell does not react to Tilo’s presence
- Tilo partially clips through the cliffs near the last obelisk overlooking the lake in the northern slopes
- When interacting with the basket elevator counterweight in the garden and the basket starts to come down and Tilo runs into the armory shortcut before the basket reaches the bottom and then comes back, the basket is not interactable anymore (say that sentence in one breath)
- Some HUD elements appear very aliased when running at a lower resolution than 1080p
- The path at the bottom of the northern slopes is open (stairs leading to void)
- The brisance warning in the armory is clipping through the column and is not readable
- Bear traps can’t be triggered by throwing a stick at them

Changelog for Patch 490 (added 16 August 2017):

- Tilo can change in front of Rolo (how rude)
- The peculiar physical condition Tilo develops after completing the mushroom quests is still present after reloading a save (when it shouldn’t)
- The brisance description erroneously refers to a wooden barrel
- The sound of Tilo hiding in barrels is too loud
- The obelisk quest doesn’t work if Tilo lights up the candles using his candlestick instead of his firesteel
- Some rocks at the bottom of the armory stairwell have wonky colliders
- The armory rat cannot follow Tilo to the garden

- The armory guard now goes back to the armory stairwell when Tilo goes to sleep, even if he has moved very far away
- The intentionally missing words on the obelisk quest parchment now use dots instead of underscores
- Tilo won’t throw projectiles at NPCs anymore
- If you have a tool equipped which is ineffective against your opponent (grease jar vs greaves, bottle vs helmet, etc...) and you try to throw anyway Tilo won’t throw the projectile
- Upon completing the beehives quest you’ll now find honey within the restored beehives
- Honey now gives back a lot more health
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Changelog for Patch 633 (added 15 March 2018):

- Silas refuses to talk to you when you meet him in the jail's cell.
- Clicking on Continue in the main menu while a dialog is ongoing loses focus of the mouse cursor.
- Handkerchiefs achievement exploit.
- The Red Mist skill does not work when using mouse/keyboard, even when it's remapped.
- Some yellow warnings can appear over Rolo's dialog.
high rated
Changelog for Patch 634 (added 16 March 2018):

- After reloading a save, Tilo doesn't always wear the proper costume items.
- In some cases the chest from Duinlan doesn't break when Ravik lands.
- Cases where picking up the chest bundle (after Ravik landed) and bringing it back to Silas does not further the quest.
- Cases where you need to wait for Silas to wake up in his cot but the task doesn't complete.
- The catacombs map does not show where Tilo actually is.
- The wrong map is shown when getting back to the courtyard via the elevator.
- The wrong map is shown when getting into the harbour via the catacombs.
- The inventory icon for the ring you get from the gambler is missing.
- The Italian dialog of the mice on the boat is actually in French.
- It is possible to jump on the heads of guards sitting in the commissary.
- It is possible to talk to the guards in the commissary without wearing an armor.

- Removed the chapel fresco quest for now from the total tally of quests (until it's fixed).