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I was surprised by this game. I did see it in stores when it was originally out but never got it because it didn't seem like an interesting game. Got it because its always intrigued me and now its cheap so no loss if I don't like it.
This game is surprisingly fun. Can sometimes be difficult figuring out how to accomplish tasks but altogether its really just a fun game where your supposed to scare stuff and there's a few puzzles along the way. Its not a terrible game, and has surprisingly good graphics. Its worth it to check this game out, it really is fun to play. I think this game failed commercially due to advertising like the guy who developed it has said, that seems to be true as this game is nothing like I thought it was.
Looking at the box long ago, you'd have thought this was a SIMs clone, or parody. In some ways it is but it uses its own conventions to make the people scared (or insane if you fancy) and has you put new ghosts to rest that you can add to your team of ghosts for the current haunt. I haven't seen many bugs really (haven't played it all yet) so no complaints there.
Its graphically very pretty (Ala Sims 2 almost) and the music is superbly done. At times it can also be very funny, parodying classic horror movies in titles as well as objectives from time to time.
Overall, its not expensive now so its worth a look if you like decent strategy-esque games with a different flavor of game play than the established norms.