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Loved this game when it originally launched but remember it being a bit buggy even then.
While in the game, will randomly have the game completely freeze up and force me to do a hard restart of my entire system. Anyone else having this issue/figured out what the problem is?
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What are your system specs and what OS are you running? Also have you tried some of the standard compatibility settings if running vista/win7?
The compatibility options can be accessed by right clicking the games shortcut, going to properties and then the compatibility tab. Try running the game as admin and with windows xp compatibility and if that does not fix it try some other settings.
I have this problem as well. Game installs fine, starts fine and runs fine for about 10-45 minutes, the suddenly crashes to the desktop or freezes completely. I'm thinking of submitting a support question, but I probably need a bit more to go on than "guh, game not work." Anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking to find out what's wrong?
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