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Oh wow, I will be so pleased and yet so pissed if this is really true!! (Pleased that it's there, but pissed I already shelled out twice for it)

I purchased Ghost Master back in the day and loved it, but hated the fact I had to have the CD handy anytime I wanted to play. After it was released on Steam I purchased it for myself and a few friends to enjoy this overlooked gem.

I was aware GOG got rights to sell it, but never checked it out since I already had 2 copies.


I did a multiplayer search on the GOG catalogue and THERE IT IS. OMG OMG OMG

GOG, is this a mistake, or did you actually code multiplayer into the game?? I remember hearing back in the day that Sick Puppy had plans for it, but never implemented it.

Please tell me it's there!!
Post edited November 17, 2010 by Pastey
i'd say its an error. I own the GOG version and the disk version, but ive never seen anything remotly multiplayer about it. still an awesome game