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Here are the ghosts that have never got to the game for some odd reasons

Also, note I've made this topic to show these ghosts to people who are curious about them but
have no idea how to implement them back to the game or are just too lazy to do it also keep in
mind that I was unable here to implement propper animations too so some models might have issues
here and there, however, I would attempt to bring this content back to the game if I could get something
that could recompile and compile .bsp files and exe.

PS: I tried to replace animations so they could have work with models but the game crashes whenever I trie that soo...
PS2: I removed HTTP from links to keep them so just add them while pasting it

Sooo OKI in Alphabetical Order lets start from:

Yes I replaced Darkling with Azrael, I tried to replace Drakoon with him but
whenever I try to summon it, the game crashes
also, Azrael is another Headless Horseman Category Ghost

Front Picture:

Side Picture:

Its an enemy ghost but IDK what he would do, probably same as Marshmallow ghost from Bonus mission
Or as other says he might have some connections with the priest in "full mortal jacket" Map

PS: Azrael was probably never meant to be used by the player, he doesn't have proper UI image too
Also, he has his defeated sounds but nothing else "Yes I have listened to all sounds"

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
Smokin Joe:
For that one, I used Carter to showcase him "I think Painter would work better here"
Anyways It's a Baseball Player with the head instead of Baseball Ball, he also has a baseball bat

Photo of Him:

He was probably cut very early because he doesn't have any sounds

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
Soul Screech:
She is a field type and enemy, she also has her defeat sounds, additionally, she looks like
demon or vampire or even a succubus but have no idea where she was supposed to be added, surprisingly she has
her Epitaph

Photo of Her:

Soulscreech was a quiet, timid spirit before government scientists began experimenting upon her ectoplasm. Now she's the sort of ghost that mothers warn their sons about.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
Well about Thorn, he is a Pirate Skeleton, nothing else to say here, same as Smokin Joe
he doesn't have any sounds, I think he would have been in Al Capone Mission but I'm not sure.


That is all I was able to test and find nothing else can be done without.BSP file opener
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