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I've been waiting the past few days very anxiously for the release. I never got a chance to play the game back when it was released (mostly due to the ultra-cheesy cover art, which seems to have turned alot of people away from this game).
The game is a true gem, aside from the few "scare everybody" -missions, alot of the other missions require almost point-and-click adventure game style decisions (which ghost could be used to do something particular at a certain spot, etc). The game is so bold that it even some "tactical RTS" elements, where you have to position your ghosts, armed with particular powers.
I particularly enjoyed the humour of the game; you'll get a chance to scare people like Ally McStick and Obi Wan Shinobi in alot of movie-inspired scenarios like The Calamityville Horror, The Blair Wisp Project, Deadfellas and Spooky Hollow to name a few.
I can definately recommend the game for fans of genre-adventorous games.