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This is a difficult game, that you can lose instantly with just a distraction, and could become very repetitive if the mechanics are not understood, so I'll put here some info that can make the game more enjoyable for the ones that don't have the patience to learn from their many initial mistakes.

I didn't read anything to help me with the game, to prevent spoilers, so all the things I'll list here were learned just by playing it.

It will not be a full guide, but a useful help for the beginners.



Aliens and other evil things can enter the ship mainly from 2 modules:
- Tractor Beam
- Hangar


- Materials taken from the Hangar could be contaminated, and when are transported by robots to the Deposit, and from there to the Refinery, them could release spores and eggs on the entire route, or if you are lucky, only in the final room.

- There is also the possibility that a Plant taken from a Deposit is contaminated, and this will be found only when it is planted, so it's better to always have a look at the initial growing process, to remove the infestation at the start.

- Some spores can make crew members ill, and these clones will go to the Quarters to have some sleep, but during the entire route to that room, they can spread infested materials.

- There is a sub-level that links all the modules, and must be always checked because if an infestation spreads there it could reach the entire ship. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to have a clean sub-level, because it contains energy nodes, and if those are damaged the entire ship could be easily destroyed !!


- Put the modules in a smart way, so to have all the potentially dangerous rooms near each others and make routes of materials shorter. For example Hangar, Tractor Beam, Deposit, Refinery and Quarters should stay in a different wing of the ship, distant from all the other rooms.

- At the beginning the only choice is to put Turrets in the Tractor Beam, also in its sub-level, using Energy shields to close al the possible exit paths from that room. Then the more modules you'll add, the more Turrets you'll need. But WARNING, Turrets and Clones at level one are only able to attack living creatures, so you'll have to constantly check if some kind of different thing is spreading, and remove it by yourself.

- When Clones reach level 3 of experience they become aware of infestations and are able to remove them !! (NOT in the sub-level anyway). So, a smart move, is to release them from their job !! Yes, because when they are just "Citizens" they start walking randomly around the ship, destroying all the infestations in their path !!

- Leave at least a level 3 Clone in every potentially dangerous module, to prevent infestations.

With like 10 clones level 3 walking around the ship randomly, and a Turrets/Shields defence in the sub-levels of the most dangerous modules, you are free from constantly checking the ship by yourself, and you can do all the other management/mission things.


- At the beginning you should stay away from red zones and enemy ships. Solar Storms could destroy the ship in 2 seconds if you don't have Shields !! And enemy assaults could kill all your crew, steal your modules, or just destroy everything. You could try those only after having upgraded your clones, weapons and built different Shield modules.

- At some point you can get Walking Turrets that you can use to maintain clean from life forms the sub-levels (still those can't remove an infestation, but just kill living things)

- There will be also a robot that could automatically repair all the energy nodes in it's path, so to have always an healty ship

- To upgrade things you'll need modules with higher levels, that you can buy from merchants

- When a study to upgrade a thing is done, all the others already present will be automatically upgraded too (Clones, Weapons, Skills, etc...)
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