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〇一〇: 段落



Thanks again!

Noticed Eastward today, it's Shanghainese. Releasing on Sept 16.
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Seb3.7: 中国好人,您能帮我列出中国开发商的游戏吗?
Good People of China, can you help me to list games of Chinese developers?
I am greatly interested and can see big potential.
Please add games and new wishes from

Look this:
MouseSax: (...)
MeowCanuck: (...)
〇一〇: (...)
Thank you!
You helped me to understand something. Wherever the game is made is her place of birth.
There are studios around the World with people of all shapes and ideas, yet a place of birth can be only one.
Therefore [i]Grimm is written and executive-produced by the same person as American McGee's Alice.
[/i] and it has been made in China. (adding with a note)
Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial... I can see this is Chinese art or at least Asian art and has been made in Finland (as far as I understand). (adding with a note)
Tales of the Neon Sea adding.
As for Behind the Frame is Made in Taiwan (as far as I understand). (adding with a note)
And from myself added all Enlight Studio.

edit: Bright Memory Infinity is available, base was an intense experience.
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OPUS series:

- OPUS: Echo of Starsong
- OPUS: The Day We Found Earth
- OPUS: Rocket of Whispers
Might be a bit late to mention this game as it_has_come_to_GOG two weeks ago
Still I present XUAN-YUAN_SWORD_VII (轩辕剑柒 in Chinese).
A fantasy ARPG developed by DOMO Studio, whose parent company is Softstar, from Taiwan. You can also find its official_website_here.
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