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在游戏前期,开着[spoiler] 杰克的,但可购买的那款配色更加灵魂 [/spoiler]ARCH 纳扎雷,
配的是88.9太平洋电台 灵魂点题之曲:Night City,
穿梭在大街小巷做着各色任务感受着Night City。


我的91.9 皇家蓝调呢?
89.3 Vexelstrom呢?
98.7 PonPon Shit呢?
101.9 悲伤挽歌呢?
106.9 拉丁殿堂呢?
我将此称之为 2077七大不可思议之Top2 !

如果BGM问题不能在1.08补丁发布时/前解决的话,我就只能开启巨头企业网易科技的黑客程序开启Night City单曲循环了!

The following English is from Baidu translation website

The game time has been fixed at 166 hours for a long time
In the early stage of the game, you drive Jack's, but the color you can buy is more soul,
With 88.9 radio Pacific soul song: Night City,
Shuttling through the streets, doing all kinds of tasks, feeling the night city.
But after a certain point in time, the pop-up of achievement frequent flyers, followed by a rapid decline in the game experience.
Because of the more frequent use of fast movement, the travel time becomes less and the travel time is less, which leads to the disappearance of BGM.

NC suddenly lost her soul.

What about my 91.9 Royal blues?
89.3 vexelstrom?
What about 98.7 ponpon shirt?
What about 101.9?
106.9 what about the Latin temple?
It's all gone?
This led me to leave the last enemy out of my mission in a Valentino stronghold, then squat on the corner roof and listen to the BGM of that stronghold for half an hour before leaving the game.
What's more, I can't find this BGM in your collection!? How dare you believe that?
A cyberpunk game named 2077, when the players are all Semantized, they can't implant BGM into the cochlea and turn on BGM!? How dare you believe that?
I call this the top 2 of the seven incredible 2077!
If the BGM problem can't be solved when / before the 1.08 patch is released, I can only open the hacker program of Netease technology, a giant enterprise, and start the night city single cycle!
If there is any expectation for your solution, it is better to turn on the radio / BGM with one click,
thank you! Thank you for your hard work.

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