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- 新的游戏模式“无敌”:这是一个为了那些更愿意在挑战游戏的过程中享受游戏的视听与叙事体验的玩家而准备的模式。同时这个模式也同样适用于那些想要联系战斗以更好的过关的玩家们,尤其是那些想要打破自己记录的 竞速者们。

- 更加困难的竞速挑战:为了那些竞速者准备的一个额外挑战,该游戏现在提供了更加困难的竞速挑战模式和它本身的排名。

- 备用的第4套操作方案。

- 其他的bug修复。


Furi have just received a new content update, called Freedom. Get the game 65% off, until April 8th, 10 PM UTC.
Furi Freedom update includes:

- New game mode “Invincible”: great for players who want to overcome a challenging fight to enjoy the audiovisual and narrative experience that is Furi. But it’s also perfect for gamers who want to practice their fight, in particular speedrunners looking to improve their record!

- Speedrun in Furier: for speedrunners looking for an extra challenge, game now offers Speedrun mode in Furier difficulty, with its own rankings.

- Alternate control scheme D

- Misc bugfixes