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Actually, I just wanted to use GOG Galaxy for the online function of No Man's Sky. I installed another game with the offline installer, but it seems like that Galaxy automatically track the achievements of those games I installed with the offline installer. Then I open Galaxy to play No Man's Sky. That sucks, because my fricken OCD kicks in right now. I don't wanna show achievements of other games than No Man's Sky in my GOG profile. Is there a return or at least a hide function?
• Don't install GOG Galaxy games and offline installer games into the same parent folder.
• Don't have GOG Galaxy running while playing games you don't want tracked.
• Blocking the game executable in your firewall will prevent achievements from working.
• You can globally disable both achievements and game time tracking in the cog wheel menu - Settings - Game Features.
• In the activity feed section of your profile page as well as the separate Activity Feed page, you can click the drop-down arrow below a tile and choose Remove from feed.
• There's no such option for the Recently Played or the Recent Achievements sections. You can either play more until you bump off the unwanted entries, or you can prevent people from being able to see your profile page in your privacy settings.