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Hello friends.

Mac OS X 10.5 (Catalina) user here. I recently bought Uru - The Complete Chronicles which is labeled as compatible on Mac OS X on GOG Galaxy 2.0 but only Windows on The installation seemed successful on my Mac, it created an app in my Applications folder, but this app shuts down immediately as it opens (right after a "Codeweavers" spash screen). Could this be due to an incompatibility with OS X Catalina (the whole 32-bit vs 64-bit thing), or is this straight up incompatible with OS X (if that's not the case GOG the entry should be edited)? Or does anyone have a fix for it?
Thanks a lot!
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Same here on macOS Monterey. The Uru app runs for maybe one or two seconds, then crashes & GOG syncing starts. Still tagged as Mac-compatible in the games list
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